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Dog Walking

Your dog will be collected from home and will enjoy a 60 minute socialising walk, either on or off lead. Daily exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy, as well as mentally and physically stimulated. Exercise not only improves your dog’s wellbeing, but also helps build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural issues.

None of us, human or dog, likes being left alone for long periods without interaction or sufficient exercise. This can result in behavioral problems such as barking, chewing and scratching. So what better way to ensure that your dogs get their exercise than to allow Dog Walking Hook to help you? Whatever the reason, Dog Walking Hook is available (even at short notice) to help out and make sure that your dog gets attention, fun and exercise.


imagesCA5EH800.jpgHook village is bounded on the east side by the picturesque valley of the River Whitewater


imagesCAUYJ6N1.jpgand to the south by two areas of common land - Hook Common and Bartley Heath.


 With the addition of Bassett Mead there is no shortage of lovely walks to ensure your dog has his needs met. 




Top: Burt, Lulu & Mollie smell something interesting

Middle: Harry & Lulu enjoying their walk

Bottom: Bear & Giggles enjoying their walk

Giggles is a very nervous girl when indoors.  She settles down though and loves to have lots of cuddles.

Bear is a lovely friendly dog, that enjoys life to the full.


Monty posing!

Dog Walking Hook is available seven days a week - even at short notice. We will collect your dog and give him a minimum 60 minute walk. Afterwards, we will deliver him home and, if you are out, we will check that there is fresh water available and we will towel your dog down ..

For more pictures of Happy Pets that I walk go to my photos