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One to One Walks

One to one:

If your dog prefers one to one walks, enjoys the attention from a human more than they do from a pack of fellow dogs then Dog Walking Hook can cater to his/her needs.

 If  their social skills are not that good or just likes a peaceful walk. If your dog enjoys jogging, walking or chasing balls, Dog Walking Hook can accomodate; I’m there to provide whatever your dog prefers.

The One to One walk is also ideal for older or less mobile dogs who may not be able to keep up with pack.

Once walked, your dog will be returned home, towel dried, and settled back into their bed with fresh water and food if requested.

Otherwise this service is similar to the group dog walk. 


Gracie - she enjoys her one to one walks


 	Gracie started as a "one-to-one" walker, she has progress so much she now comes out on a group walk - Well Done Gracie

Gracie has progressed so well, she now goes on a group walk.